Vehicle mount

In times of emergency, safety or general communications whilst travelling a high quality vehicle mount antenna will out-perform a low-cost, imported antenna.

ZCG’s range of vehicle mount antennas are designed for a wide range of installation locations, from small light-duty vehicles through to heavy-duty haulage vehicles and heavy machinery. ZCG’s vehicle mounted antenna’s are tried and trusted by transport and telemetry companies, government departments, emergency services both domestic and international as well as military forces in  a wide range of locations both domestically and internationally.

ZCG prides itself on supplying antenna solutions to meet and exceed our customers requirements. We also have the added ability to customise our range of Vehicle mount antennas in our Australian-based manufacturing facility to suit your individual custom needs.

ZCG’s range of vehicle mount antennas cover the following frequency ranges:

  • 27MHz CB: Used for long wave communications for heavy haulage trucks and mining equipment. The 27MHz wave is larger than the common UHF CB 477MHz wave so receive and transmit distance is greater in comparison.
  • 477MHz CB Radio: The most common communications frequency used for CB radio for emergency services through to general consumers. ZCG’s range of UHF CB Radio antennas cover the full CBRS 476.425-477.415MHz range. Our range of 477MHz antennas are available in elevated feed, fibreglass or stainless steel whips, collinear or low profile models. See our handy 40 channel guide and 80 Channel guide downloadable PDF’s.
  • AM/FM Radio Receive: The AM Radio (Amplitude modulation) utilises the 530-1610kHz frequency range whilst FM Radio (frequency modulation) range uses 87.5-108MHz. An AM wave is suitable for long distance broadcasting over most terrain and long distance locations such as central Australia, a FM Radio wave is shorter than a AM Radio wave so is more suited for short distance broadcasting into high density populations like inner CBD’s, rural or regional towns. ZCG supplies a range of spring base or whips that receive both AM and FM combined.
  • GPS: With the increase on demand for more efficiency in both transport and logistics the use of GPS tracking is being utilised to reduce costs for businesses. ZCG’s range of patch antennas are suitable for fleet management and general L1 or L2 GPS applications. Available in either adhesive or magnetic mount there is sure to be a ZCG solution for your requirement.
  • Mobile Phone: We are in the era where we are in constant connection for both work and personal life. ZCG’s range of Mobile Phone antennas are suitable for all available telecommunications providers mobile networks working within the 4G LTE, 4G, 3G & 2G/GSM: 698-960MHz & 1710-2190MHz frequency range. ZCG also have 5G frequency compatible antennas available, consult your ZCG sales consultant for more information. See our handy downloadable Mobile phone network frequency guide here

For Telstra Coverage Map:

For Optus Coverage Map:

For Vodafone Coverage Map:

  • UHF/TETRA: The UHF range 300MHz-3GHz covers UHF 477MHz CB communications, Mobile Phone, Television broadcast, Wireless Data, WiFi and ISM2.4. ZCG’s UHF Vehicle Mount range cover the UHF communications range 380-520MHz.
  • Satellite Communications: Utilising satellites for non- ground base telecommunications coverage a satellite communications antenna requires clear access of signal skyward for connection with earth orbiting satellite utilising 1616-1626.5MHz.
  • Vehicle Mounting: ZCG not only supply high quality, reliable vehicle mount antennas, we also supply a range of medium to heavy-duty vehicle mounting options for our antennas as well as replacement components, from our heavy-duty fixed or knock-down mounting brackets to replacement ‘barrel’ or parallel spring base.
  • VHF: The VHF frequency range is defined as within 30-300MHz, ZCG’s vehicle mounted VHF communications range can be defined into two frequency ranges VHF low band 70-100MHz and VHF high band 144-174MHz, ZCG offer the choice of both vehicle mount and hand portable VHF antenna solutions within the low or high band frequency allocations.

If you have special requirements, you are most welcome to Contact Us and we will consider custom designs to deliver your desired Vehicle Mount Solution.

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