Is this where I purchase directly from ZCG for my RF antenna solution?

Yes, this is our new online retail shop, where you can purchase a ZCG antenna solution directly from ZCG. We have created our online store to assist you in purchasing a true-Australian designed and manufactured antenna solution is locations where a local distributor is not available.

We also have a wide range of knowledgeable and friendly ZCG distributors around Australia who can assist with in-person technical assistance, installation guidance and purchasing of a ZCG RF solution. Some dealers have in in-house capability to fit your ZCG solution. Please see our distributor locator – here

Where is my ZCG antenna actually made?

We’ll let you in on a well-known ZCG secret… Our sales, manufacturing and dispatch facility are located in East Gippsland, Victoria, AUSTRALIA… yep it’s all based in the land down under! -> you can see our facility here.

Our 20+ strong team including: Sales team (friendly, knowledgeable and you can directly speak to them, no automated re-directions), R&D Technicians (the antenna buffs), Engineering team (where we make our antenna components/widgets/ferrules in our CNC machines), Manufacturing team (who build your antennas by hand) and dispatch team (they’re the ones who ensure your parcel arrives perfectly) are all locals to the area around our manufacturing facility.

We here at ZCG continue to believe in manufacturing in Australia and have done so since 1970 (yes we’ve been making antennas in Australia for over 50 years!). We know Australian manufactured Antenna out-perform and out-live imported antennas, that’s why our products are trusted and requested by emergency services, critical communication suppliers, Australian military branches (some overseas as well), hardcore off-road and on-water adventurists. So grab you true Australian-made antenna now!

What does it mean if the product I’m after states “on back-order”

If the item you are looking to purchase states “on back-order” this means like minded people have purchased our stock  from our East Gippsland based warehouse. We will however have the antennas in the process of manufacture (maximum 15 working days). Simply contact us via email at [email protected] or using our contact form here for real-time status of availability of the item you’re after.

Our manufacturing system automatically re-orders our products and tries to ensure we have stock of all popular products, however sometimes demand exceeds our in-stock quantity . If this occurs, contact our online store team via email at [email protected] or via our contact form and they will keep you updated on time-frame of when your item will be ready to order online, they may even put your order in for immediate dispatch on completion day, no harm in asking right?.

Who do I contact if my antenna has a fault or wish to return the product?

Returns, troubleshooting and/or faults are handled through our online shop contact form for ease of communication/traceability (and allows us to send through step-by-step help guides), email us directly at [email protected]. Once we have received your email correspondence we will guide you through the troubleshooting or returns policy to make it as easy as possible (please allow 1-2 working days (Mon-Fri) for return correspondence – excl. weekends/Victorian & Australian public holidays).

Please refer to our terms and conditions – click here

What are some basic troubleshooting that can be done if my antenna system has issues?

If your antenna system is not functioning or the quality of your system has diminished below are the basic (initial) troubleshooting ZCG recommend.

  • Check the connector on your cable to device, ensure the connector is not loose, is clean on all contact faces/points and no water is present inside connector (this is usually the fault location if a connector isn’t pre-terminated or has been cut and re-terminated)
  • Check the coaxial cable is fully intact, no breaks, cuts, abrasions, sharp kinks, squashed or high temperature deformity (i.e. melted jacket or dielectric/exposed braid/bulging jacket and internals etc.)
  • Check the condition of your coaxial connection to your antenna. no coaxial strain relief ‘bulge’ at the base of your antenna can lead to excessive tension on your coax-to-antenna connection point resulting in disconnection and/or failure of your system
  • Check the overall condition of the spring/mount base, antenna base/mount ferrule and antenna radiating section (radome or whip section) for damage, abrasions or dirt/water ingression.
  • Check the overall performance of your antenna system minus your device (example CB Radio) by utilising a SWR meter or network analyser/site master.
  • Check the performance of your device/radio by using another antenna if your antenna system (connector to whip) performance is as stated. Sometimes due to excessive dirt/moisture or general wear and tear, electronics can be the fault location.

If you need extra assistance with troubleshooting or if under the stated warranty period return of you product. Please refer to our terms and conditions – click here

Contact us via email at [email protected] or use our contact form for troubleshooting/return process.

How can my business place an order with ZCG?

For business-to-business (B2B) ordering/enquiries, please use our B2B website at www.zcg.com.au. Here your can find support documents (technical specification sheets) and performance files (V.S.W.R. and Radiation patterns) for our extensive range of RF solutions as well as our full range of broadcast, filters & multicoupling, coaxial cable, connectors & adaptors and fixed position solutions which include custom frequency RF solutions that are ‘build-to-order’.

We also have a wider range of custom-manufactured solutions in the vehicle/marine and wireless data range that are not held in stock due to frequency/termination/material customisation. These items aren’t available on our store as they would also state ‘on back-order’. Trade pricing is also handled through our B2B website – click here

Please refer to our terms and conditions – click here

I cannot find a product suitable for my particular RF application. What should I do?

We have made our online store as easy to navigate as possible with known terminology/identification for high use applications (example 477 MHz CB Radio). If you are still finding it difficult to locate your solution, email us on [email protected], with your requirements and we will get back to you as soon as possible with our recommended products – (please allow max. 1-2 working days (Mon-Fri) for return correspondence- excl. weekends//Victorian & Australian public holidays).

Our product range is ever expanding to include new emerging frequency allocations, keep an eye on our online website, or stay up to date with our newsletter – subscribe here

I currently purchase another manufacturers products and wish to migrate to ZCG, how can I replace the current products with equivalent ZCG products?

Our product pages display all relevant information to assist you with comparing/finding the ideal solution. If you are unable to locate a solution in our online store range, please email [email protected] or use our contact form, and we will assist you with your RF requirements, please ensure all information:

  • Colour
  • Frequency
  • Installation location (existing or intended)
  • Cable requirements
  • Connector
  • Existing product name

And any specific requirements are included in your email so as to assist our support team – (please allow max. 1-2 working days (Mon-Fri) for return correspondence – excl. weekends//Victorian & Australian public holidays).

How can I track my parcel once it has left ZCG?

ZCG online store dispatch all our orders via Australia Post Regular Post. Once you order is dispatched from our Victorian facility you will be sent an Australia Post tracking link via email with your shipment tracking number, please utilise this link for all tracking requirements.

How long will it take for my product/antenna to arrive?

ZCG dispatches all online orders via Australia Post standard delivery. ZCG cannot guarantee a delivery time on behalf of Australia Post. Please see the Australia Post domestic delivery times page here for delivery times and possible disruptions.

Your Australia post tracking link will display an estimated delivery date. Please use this as a reference on delivery.

I live in a remote location, can I still get a ZCG antenna delivered to my address?

The access for delivery of your parcel is determined by the Australia Post delivery network. Please check the Australia Post delivery locations and availability website for more information.

What does Local Pickup mean?

Our manufacturing facility is located in Lindenow, Victoria. Local pickup means in-person collection from our Head Office. We are located 3 hours East of Melbourne (click here for Google Maps Position). Collection is required 2-3 business days from receipt of payment/order confirmation.

What is included inside my parcel?

Your parcel will contain your ordered item/s and a packing/dispatch slip displaying all packed goods/tracking codes and relevant information. Please check this slip against the packed goods. If there are any incorrect/missing or damaged items, please contact us ASAP directly via [email protected].

All of our packaging and internal protection is able to be recycled in your residential recycling bin (cardboard, shredded paper and recyclable plastics) for minimal inconvenience/impact on disposal of packaging materials.

How do I fit my antenna onto my vehicle/vessel or structure?

All of our antenna solutions come with a easy-to-understand installation guide to assist you with fitment of your antenna as well as helpful hints for maintenance (recommended yearly or prior to any epic adventure). Our antennas are manufactured for ease of fitment with connectors pre-terminated and antennas fitted onto mounting springs/bases.

As all vehicles/vessels and structures are not the same, specific adjustment/alterations from the installation steps may be required (i.e. cable routing path or installation location).

Can ZCG fit my antenna onto my vehicle/vessel or structure?

ZCG does not have the facilities or on-the-road assistance team to install your antenna/RF solution onto your vessel/vehicle or structure. All antennas are supplied with a how-to installation guide. We recommend the utilisation of a Auto-electrician, 4WD specialist store or marine specialist store who will have the expertise and equipment available to install and test your entire system as well as the ability to troubleshoot any issues.

For a list of distributors please click here (Please note: not all distributors have facilities for installation)

My question does not appear here.

We have tried to answer the most common questions above, however if your question is not listed above, our friendly online store team are able to assist with answering your question.

Our team are available Monday to Friday 9am-5pm to assist you, email us at [email protected](please allow 1-2 working days (Mon-Fri) for return correspondence – excl. weekends//Victorian & Australian public holidays).

Shop Australian made antennas for all conditions