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We are all asking for a ‘smarter’ lifestyle and to be connected 24/7 with smart phones, smart meters and smart cars. Why should Australian industry be left behind in this evolving technological world we now live in.

ZCG understand this requirement for a connected ‘smart’ society and we provide a wide range of wireless data and telemetry antennas to suit any requirements you may have.

The GID-M90T series of ground independent cellular and wireless data antennas are currently being used in a wide range of applications:

  • Water monitoring for local councils and treatment facilities
  • Agricultural monitoring of vineyards or produce farms
  • Agricultural equipment communication for wireless control of water pumps and automatic feeders
  • Fleet management of public transport in major cities
  • Fleet management of taxi’s in major cities
  • Cellular network improvement at home, office or in your vehicle
  • Wireless data improvement at home or on the move

The GID-M90T series comes in set frequencies for:

GID-M90-T NextG ShrunkGIDM90T GSM SHrunk

The standard GID-M90T comes with a FME female fitted to 4.7 metres of RG58 Low Loss cable, connector alteration or cable length alteration can be specified to suit your needs.

ZCG currently stock GID-M90T(Next G) and GID-M90T(GSM) in stock ready to ship, please contact your local ZCG dealer or contact ZCG directly:

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