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RF Coaxial Cable

ZCG’s range of high-quality coaxial cable, custom cable assemblies, RF termination connectors and RF adaptors are crucial components in your RF system. Supplying the signal from your transmitter or receiver to your antenna, the highest quality coaxial cable should be utilised. Relying on cost will result in your system being in-efficient and requiring replacement or maintenance.

ZCG work directly with our RF coaxial cable suppliers to ensure QA is kept stringent on our RF cable. Our most popular RU400 equivalent to LMR400 has a solid copper centre conductor in comparison to our competitors’ copper clad aluminium centre conductor. The solid copper centre conductor results in low loss, low noise and consistent power ratings and a reliable services life.

Our range of MIL-SPEC, Teflon insulated, flexible, super flexible, radiating “leaky feeder” or rigid cable is available in multiple length variants from cut length through to 100m reel through to 1km reels.

All of ZCG’s range of coaxial cable specifications are available on downloadable PDF’s.

Popular RF industry standard coaxial cables are:

  • RG142 Teflon dielectric, UV rated outer – LMR195 equivalent
  • RG58 Low loss MIL-SPEC and RG58 Stranded low noise MIL-SPEC – LMR200 equivalent
  • RG213 MIL-SPEC stranded core
  • RG214 Dual shielded MIL-SPEC
  • RU400 copper centre conductor MIL-SPEC – LMR400 equivalent
  • ZCG1250 ½” flexible corrugated shielded, solid centre conductor – LMR600 equivalent
  • ZCG1250SF ½” super flexible helical shielded, solid centre conductor – LMR600-UF equivalent
  • ZCG7850 7/8” high power flexible corrugated shielded, copper tube centre conductor – LMR1200 equivalent
  • ZCG1580 1-5/8” high power, flexible corrugated shielded, copper tune centre conductor – LMR1700 equivalent
  • Radiating “leaky” feeder coaxial cable with low smoke, halogen free outer

Custom Coaxial Cable Assemblies or Patch Leads.

ZCG’s in-house manufacturing facility has the capability to supply custom length with custom termination cable assemblies or patch leads to suit any installation requirement. Our wide range of MIL-SPEC, low noise/low loss, flexible or super-flexible cable and wide range of high-quality terminations/ connectors allow ZCG to manufacture individual cable assemblies to suit your requirements in either high volume or individual quantities. Our in-house manufacturing facility ensure all cable assemblies are multi-staged QA checked for conformance to requirements, stated performance levels and can be supplied with environmental protection such as bird braid and water-proof cable through-wall glands.

RF Connectors & Terminations

The termination between your RF coaxial cable and antenna or RF system is another crucial component where quality over cost should be appreciated. Construction or surfacing of terminations play a crucial part in ensuring a reliable service life, Low Passive Intermodulation (P.I.M) tri-metal plated for P.I.M. sensitive systems are available in 7/16” DIN connector terminations through to Silver plated high powered broadcast terminations ranging from 7/8” EIA through to 3-1/8” EIA are available to suit ZCG’s range of coaxial cable and standardised cables on the market.

For in-vehicle or vessel mounting, chromed or nickel-plated terminations are the standard, with the systems not requiring high-grade surfacing to work efficiently.

RF Adaptor terminations

With the wide range of terminations available within the RF industry, sometimes your antenna termination won’t match up to the termination on your system and a custom patch lead is not suitable due to cable loss or space available. ZCG’s range of high-quality adaptors are available in standard N-type, SMA or UHF terminations through to low Passive Intermodulation (P.I.M.) 7/16” DIN and high-powered EIA terminations such as 7/8” EIA through to 1-5/8” EIA..

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