Light-duty parallel spring base, suits fibreglass or stainless steel whips on OB-2 or magnetic base, 5/16″ -26 brass male and female threads – 70.8mm

Product Code: MS Base


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The MS Base parallel vehicle mount spring base comes standard with a 5/16"-26 brass male thread on the top suitable for any whip antenna with a 5/16"-26 brass female thread. The base thread of 5/16"-26 brass female is suitable for any base assembly with a male 5/16"-26 brass thread such as the OB-2 mount base, OB-4.7 cable and base or MGB-OB magnetic mount base. The spring will reduce vibrations and reduce damage from accidental contact and will keep the whip at the optimum vertical position.

Polarisation Vertical - ensures antenna maintains vertical polarisation/o
Construction 304 stainless steel parallel spring with clear anodised aluminium spring mount ends
Connector Top thread: 5/16"-26 brass male; Base internal thread: 5/16"
Dimensions Length 70mm, Diameter: 20mm

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