Pack of 10 304 stainless steel ‘snap-in’ coaxial cable hangers for 7/8″ flexible cable – ZCG7850

Product Code: SHC7850


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The SHC7850 'snap-in' coaxial cable hangers are suitable for tower mounting into a suitable 3/4" hole, 7/8" flexible corrugated shielded coaxial cable such as our ZCG7850 or similar coaxial cable. The SHC7850 is supplied in packs of 10 and should be spaced min. 1 metre apart. For mounting onto a tower angled section we recommend the ANGLE-AD adaptor mount or for multi-cable runs our HCB-8 8-hole clamp bracket.

Polarisation Can be mounted for vertical or horizontal cable runs
Construction Pressed and bent 304 stainless steel
Connector Suits 7/8" corrugated shielded ZCG7850 coaxial cable or simi
Dimensions Suits 7/8" flexible cables such as ZCG7850. Requires 3/4" (1

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