M.I.M.O 4G LTE, dualband 4G panel antenna, 698-960, 1710-2700 MHz, ±45° X-polarised, 2 x N-female, 100W, 8 dBi – 310mm

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Our ZD8Z-XP-MIMO slant polarised or X-pol broadband 4G LTE panel covers all available carriers 4G LTE and dualband 4G mobile phone/wireless data networks. Suitable for mobile phone/wireless data reception, data transfer, asset monitoring or telemetry applications your home, office or for remote installation for monitoring. M.I.M.O. stands for Multiple in, Multiple Out, which allows for an increased transfer of data from a single antenna over a single terminated antenna solution. The X pol design of the ZD8Z-XP-MIMO high gain broadband 4G LTE antenna allows for minimal interference and increased isolation between polarisations resulting in a clearer signal.

Frequency 698-960 MHz & 1710-2700 MHz - M.I.M.O 4G LTE and dualband 4G
Bandwidth Full frequency ranges stated
Gain 8 dBi
Maximum Power 100 Watts
Impedance 50 Ohms
Polarisation Slant +45° and -45° - for 4G LTE capability
Construction UV protected ABS radome, aluminium back screen and white powdercoated mounting bracket
Connector 2 x N-type female - bottom of antenna
Tuning Factory at better than 1.5:1 VSWR
Dimensions Height 310mm, Width: 310mm, Depth (excl bracket) 150mm

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