Light-duty vehicle or fascia slotted ‘L’ mount bracket, 304 stainless steel – 16mm slot

Product Code: GM6


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The GM6 vehicle mount or fascia mount bracket is suited for any antenna that requires a 16mm slot or hole. The GM6 slotted bracket allows for quick installation and removal for a lightweight stud mount antenna. Mount the GM6 using the 3 x 4.5mm holes located on the side of the bracket. Alternatively the GM6 can be utilised to mount a lightning or surge protector onto racking/walls or structures to ensure a secure mounting location easily accessed in case of replacement or removal.

Polarisation Right-angle
Construction Stamped and bent 304 stainless steel with stamped antenna slot and mount holes
Connector 16mm antenna mount slot
Dimensions 35mm x 35mm x 35mm with 16mm x 24mm antenna mount slot and 3

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