Deck 2-way fold down ratchet mount, toughened white plastic – 1″ x 14 UNS thread

Product Code: MM1


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The MM1 2-way fold down deck mount is suitable for all ZCG ZM marine range antennas. To mount the MM1 base use the 4 x 8mm holes located on the base of the mount. The dual fold down mount allows mounting to any surface and ensures the optimum vertical polarisation is achievable. Ensure your antenna is mounted in a vertical position when in use. Slanting or leaning of your antenna will diminish your antennas performance. Requires 13mm spanners for bolt securing

Construction White Toughened Plastic and Stainless steel components
Connector 1" x 14UNS male thread at top of base
Dimensions Height: 125mm, Base footprint: 91mm x 65mm

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